This group is comprised of some of the most accomplished musicians and vocalists in the twin cities and they put on a  show that is sure to tickle your fancy! Inspiration for this comes from the long line of stunning female country artists that have graced stages all over the world for decades and we sing a tribute to them. The ones who paved the way for those that came after them and continue to make strides for women in country music. We are 100% GIRL POWER all the way. Be ready to dance, sing along and generally enjoy yourself when you take in this show! See you on the dance floor!


From the Girls!

"We are three singers from three different places, dealing  with all the same issues that women deal with everyday. So we are taking these songs and saying what every woman in America wants to say or hear". 



Jen Urbach - Vocals 

They call me the Biker Girly. There's something about being on a motorcycle. It's kind of that whole, " the reason why the dog sticks his head out of the window" type of feeling. Motorcycle riders will get what I am talking about. It's maybe the closest thing to flying. I plug that same energy into the stories I tell on stage and show my appreciation of life through these songs. I like to connect, commune and embrace all of life's simple charms and share with each person those same pleasures.

Donnie Doyle - Drums - Musical Director - Arranger

Performing credits... 

Willy Murphy- Drums-Minnesota Blues Hall of Fame 

Thunder Road Band- Drums/Arranger for the Country House band at the Gatlin Brothers Music City Grille at the Mall of America

Opening act for over 70 plus national acts 

Shannon Brown- Drums- John Rich produced country artist 

Dakota Valley Symphony Orchestra- Drums/percussion under the direction of Stephen Ramsey 

Cornell Dupree- Drums- Texas R&B/Blues/ Studio great 

Bat Out of Hell- Drums-17 piece Meatloaf Tribute group


Erica Hanson - Vocals 

They call me the Quiet Girly...until I'm on stage with my other Country Sisters. I play guitar, piano and sing songs with stories that talk about the women who work during the day, cook for the kids at night and still find time for their passions. I work with a number of Minnesota musicians in many different musical projects and styles of music on an ongoing basis. Listening more than talking about women balancing   life, love, family and personal passions in life is more my comfort zone. My other two Country Sisters share these same sentiments and know we're not the only ones. The songs we choose reflect that balance for all women in today's world. 

 Alison Huttner - Vocals

They call me the Hippy Girly. I like my freedom and the ability to write and share my music how I want in the way I want to. I am a regular host at a Songwriter's Showcase and pride myself in being a standout musical force  both in Hillbilly Rock, Folk and Classic Country circles. Accompanied by my acoustic guitar and my heart, I feel I can be the consummate singer/songwriter in relaying stories of real life and our roots. Just like my audiences, I like to be honest and outspoken about my life and about things they may be going through as well. 


I've seen country music go uptown, like we say, and I'm proud I was there when it happened. ”

— Loretta Lynn